This site features music composed, designed and/or arranged by Jovan Pesec

All examples were arranged or sequenced by Jovan Pesec with Encoret, Geniesoft Overture,   Encore, Cakewalk Sonar,  Plogue Bidule, ArtSong, KoanPro, noatikl and Onyx Arranger, recorded with Nemesys GigaStudio or Kontakt 4  or Independence (and brainspawn Forte ensemble  and Silverspike  (Reverb Silverspike R2)) and  polished up with  AdobeAudition

The orchestras

v4m.orchestra.vienna and v4m.strings.vienna

are virtual orchestras and uses instruments of the following libraries:

Jovaluna ClassicalGigaGuitar
Vienna Instrument & Symphonic Cube
Vienna Symphonic Library pro edition
Vienna Horizon Series
Vienna Guitar
Garritan Orchestral Strings
Peter Siedlazchek's Andvanced Orchestra

The software synthesizers used are:

Absynth5, z3ta+, M42 Nebula, Cameleon5000


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